Перевод Али Кудряшовой: Приборы 600

And when you will be screaming you’re almost twenty
so the quarter of life went up in smoke
You don’t know how to behave, how to be splendid
And you really can’t find your place to attend it
Only crying to Lord, felling your fate is broke.

And when you’ll not be taken as friend or wife,
And they’ll left you as a relic which no one wants,
They’ll escape, take French leave from your messy life —
You, all burnt, then will be pull out of the fire
And then you’ll be left alone with no responce.

And when they tell you — dare if you want so,
Show us all that you’re really one of a kind,
You decide that your level now is enough low,
Have a sigh, stop beeing a bookworm,
And spring give you a kick in your open mind.

And the water around, this air, slutty and hot
Makes your brains like a jelly, an apple in easter cake.
And friends who in the eleventh hour got
Hug you brotherly, warmfully, carresing, hug a lot,
Hide face on your dimples sharing their thoughts and ache.

You are so downhome — whith this dimples on cheeks and arms
Which arose as blazes from your already married mans.
The unsmilling princess, blue-eyed monkey without charms,
Neva-river unbearably bright like a firearms,
And you heart is spitting sounds like a trane ckanks.

And the spring herself refuse you into a censor,
Plants rolled standarts and breakes the frozen ice,
Wind hit you into the face by the sunshine phrenzy;
With this open wide wind, with this triple sensor,
Snogging on the fly, kissing just for one trice.

After all of that you will throw your words and letters,
Just like children throw not entirely eaten soup.
Your romance can’t be reviewed and now in fetters.
You are so harmonious — couldn’t be even better —
Both synchronous, at the same time leaving group.

Seventh heaven for you, twenty-seventh of march,
Wide blue yonder, deep-sapphirine-cyan sail.
You sealing cover, putting the stamps at large,
Sun beats you hard and sully at heaven’s arch
and flows like yolk slithering from your hair.

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