The box and the glory

There was absolutely nothing inside the box. Avrax of house Hlaalu have seen the empty bottom and his hands shook. “Again…”

Simple basic transformation spell just did not work. He understood clearly the mechanics, he memorized by heart the necessary actions and still nothing. Tailed n’wah made a rebus for him and he was obliged to solve it. Damn cat caught him during a lecture about creation. Avrax said that with the proper strength and skills someone can create almost everything from scratch.

— And the tasty things? — Khaljiit innocently asked. — A little sweet roll? Perhaps It is probably easy for such a master to do this…

The students laughed and looked at Avraks with interest. Kadjit could not be unaware that food and living things could not be created in a simple way. But the challenge was thrown. It was a matter of honor, nothing more. But the stupid box didn’t give in.

Avrax’s gaze fell on one of the books he had stolen from the library. Plan matured instantly. Dunmer grinned. The cat wants scamp sweet roll in the box? He will get a roll.

He will make the Bounded to create a damn sweet roll. Their magic uses much deeper layers… It’ll embarrass Khaljiit in front of everyone and Avrax will definitely win the post of head of the local branch of the Mages Guild. Way to choose between him and this animal… The binding spell… He knows it so well. Of course, this is not encouraged on the territory of the Empire, but the rules are created to break them, aren’t they?

Hands habitually cast a spell in the air and a thin red trickle from under the lid of the box appeared as always. Avrax eagerly made a circle around the box.

— You bounded me …
— Yes, yes… — Avrax said hastily.
— You bounded me and I will take you.
— What?! — Firstly Avrax did not understand what the Daedra said. — No, I bounded you and you will fulfill what I order! — he shouted.
— We had an agreement … You will call me to this box again and I will take your soul.

Avrax backed away in horror, but before he could turn around and make an attempt to escape, red smoke captured into him, squeezing his throat. Somebody’s footsteps were heard.

— You see, this one is well aware of your vanity. Like any tailless you are not able to accept defeat. Dro’Ridzh is a very intelligent Khajiit, he called the Daedra first and, in exchange for success in the competition, promised him a soul next time. Oh, this one knew that you will try to use your dirty daedric magic! I was forced to the same… What a shame!

Avraks fell to his knees. Bloody saliva was dripping from his mouth, and his right hand was squeezing his mouth, trying to break it to take a little breath.

— This one is happy that getting you out of the way was so easy — smiled Dro’Ridzh.

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